My Eighty-Year-Old Self Seems Pretty Cool

I’m reading this book called the Artist’s Way. It’s been incredibly helpful with unblocking some of the creativity I’ve been suppressing (particularly during the lawyer years). The book gives daily tasks, and the one I did today was to write a letter as my eighty-year-old self to my current self:

Dear Me,

Start doing what you want, and start right now. Now is the time to make the life you’ve always wanted. Start writing for real. You know it’s what you want, so keep doing it, don’t stop. Don’t let things get in your way. You’ll regret it if you do. If you start now, you get to spend the rest of your life creating, being an artist, what your soul has always known it wanted, and which, when thwarted, gets bitter, bitchy and depressed. When fulfilled-creating stories, crafting language, sharing your sense of humor-you’ll blossom. You’ll be more content and relaxed.

Start eating better. More veggies. More water. Less Alcohol. More exercise. You’ll thank yourself. Stick with daily meditation. You’ll thank yourself for that, too.

Don’t miss out on opportunities to dance, sing, laugh and express love. In fact, create more of those opportunities.

Find ways to travel more.

Stop obsessing over the house, fixing it up and keeping it clean. Plan more for retirement, though.

Get healthy and appreciate the ever-loving stuffing out of your kids if and when they come. You have no idea how much being a mother will change you for the better. Appreciate Brian every day. He is a challenge and a gift. You need both.

Forgive anyone you’re holding a grudge against. You’ll feel lighter.

Go the natural health route when you can. Remember self-care, which means self-love.

I love you the way God does-even when you didn’t know it, I always loved you. And I always will.